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A letter from the chairman and general manager to all employees

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Dear colleagues:

Today is the 13th anniversary anniversary of the founding of our company, we are here, on behalf of the shareholders, the board of directors and management said greetings and heartfelt thanks to all the staff to pay for the company's development and hard work ability and cleverness.

Over the past year, we have achieved a smooth production base Ninghua, absorbing the merger of the Fuguang Changlong company, shares of the Baodi technology companies, the company to the Group of development; carried out a series of new product development, breaking the low-light lens, Anti-radiation lens, medical lens, industrial lens and other key technologies to further establish the company's position in the optical industry; to overcome the difficulties brought about by the tightening of the monetary policy, to maintain the orderly production and operation, and achieved good results.
Now the Foctek has gathered a large number of outstanding talents, mastered the core technology of precision optical components, high-definition camera, car rearview mirror and other products, in front of some areas in the industry. Now the elevator technology advanced equipment, good basic conditions, the development of space, employees can display their talent here, happy work, self realization.

Dear colleagues, we should also clearly see that the road ahead is still facing many difficulties and challenges: big companies face the same industry at home and abroad, our strength is very weak; in the face of a rapidly growing expansion of group enterprise, our management experience and ability is also insufficient; the face of optical characteristics the technology intensive industry, wide application range, long industrial chain, we have a lot of work to do.
Let us join hands to avoid weaknesses, work together to build a leading, advanced technology management, competitive elevator technology and work hard, we must achieve our goals, our goal can be achieved!

I wish all the staff good health, smooth work and happy family!

Chairman: Huang Hengbiao
General manager: Huang Muwang
October 10, 2014

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Copyright © 2016 Foctek Photonics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ICP:05011100