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Foctek three million zoom series: Interpretation of True HD

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The "high-definition" development of the lens is the trend of the times. In this regard, the company fully aware of this trend, and conduct detailed market research, and fully communicate with customers in-depth development of a series of high-definition lenses. HD camera is the biggest advantage of high resolution, then, for monitoring camera, can truly call "HD" lens should have what characteristics? F1.2 1 photoelectric elevator technology "series of road monitoring camera for your interpretation.

Excellent MTF value performance: the sharpness of a lens is determined by the combination of resolution and contrast. Only the resolution and contrast are up to a certain level. If we only consider the resolution and ignore the contrast, the edge of the scene of the lens imaging is blurred and the sense of layering is not strong, but it gives the impression of not clear. Resolution, contrast and MTF are inextricably linked, MTF is the abbreviation of Function Modulation Transfer, MTF is the important factor analysis to determine the imaging quality of the lens, the higher the MTF value, resolution and contrast lens is also higher. Usually, the human eye can distinguish 9% of MTF> F1.2, 1", photoelectric elevator technology; series road monitoring lens and 5~50mm (3MP) zoom the two high-definition camera MTF> 30%@150lp/mm, and the four corners can reach.

F-measure: F-measure is the reciprocal of the relative aperture, it can be used to measure the amount of light through the lens aperture, the smaller the number, the relative amount of light into the lens, the greater the required low illuminance, can adapt to the shooting monitoring in dim conditions. The surveillance camera to monitor the environment in a variety of illumination changes, all day long large current road monitoring field cancel lights is increasing, so the lens have a low enough F-measure. Fortko photoelectric 1″ surveillance lens F value of 1.2, truly low illumination requirements, even in starlight conditions can also be clearly imaged. In addition, the lenses of this lens are all designed with high transparent broadband AR film. The transmittance of the coating is very high, which greatly improves the transmittance of the lens. Under the same conditions, the lens has higher brightness.

Day and night: for the occasion of monitoring by confocal infrared light conditions, and the image can be clearly needed. Therefore, it is required that the lens's ability of day and night confocal capability is strong, and it can realize uninterrupted monitoring day and night, and monitor the image surface clearly. Fortko photoelectric developed 5~50mm (3MP) zoom lens day and night without focus, IR spectrum in defocus case, MTF value and daytime can reach >30%.

Overall, Foctek high-definition camera, from design to manufacturing, the lens material, coating, glass processing, machinery parts processing, assembly, testing and debugging of camera lens quality assurance system are strict requirements, so as to realize the "HD camera".

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