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Foctek released the latest 5-50mm HD zoom lens

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When digital surveillance becomes the dominant market, when the 1 million lens is no longer a high-definition lens, what can we do to meet the needs of the market and the customers?

Foctek grand launch three million 5-50MM zoom lens CS-D0550IR (3MP), 3 million lens with high resolution design, suitable for 720P and 1080P HD camera. The new large diameter mirror body design, multilayer coated optical lenses, IR day and night correction design, can achieve 24 hours full time monitoring. Products exquisite workmanship, clear imaging, cost-effective, has been applied in a large number of banks, hospitals, schools, stations, terminals, factories, communities and other high demand monitoring sites.

Foctek three million 5-50MM zoom lens design with high antireflection film the most advanced broadband AR, effectively improve the light quantity, the maximum aperture of F=1.4, which can provide sufficient luminous flux in low light environment, guarantee the normal work of the camera.

Manual focus design, 5mm -50mm focus range can be as high as 10 times zoom, widening the monitoring application areas. Wide angle design, when the focal length is adjusted to 5mm, the horizontal visual angle can reach 70° (used with 1/2.7 inch camera). Long focus design, the maximum focal length of 50mm, applicable to walkways, outdoor or road, such as long-distance monitoring environment. Manually adjust the aperture design so that the aperture is adjusted from F=1.4 to full shut down. All metal CS interface is connected with camera to ensure high precision and strong durability.

Good cameras need to be equipped with good lenses to provide the best vision. As a veteran of professional camera manufacturers, Foctek is committed to long-term HD monitoring camera research and development, to meet the market challenges of HD monitoring camera. Foctek new 5-50mm high-definition zoom lens is based on high-definition surveillance lens Market tool.

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Copyright © 2016 Foctek Photonics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ICP:05011100