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Precision Optics Division


Foctek is a photoelectric high-tech enterprise. Located in Tieling Industrial Zone, Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, is a professional precision optical component manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and service.


Foctekfounded in 2002, is committed to precision optical components development and production, has 17500 square meters of modern office buildings, built a production line, plane, spherical mirror, lens, optical lens and five precision optical products and 2000 square meters of ultra clean coating center, testing center and class 1000 clean lens assembly workshop.


The company has a modern production and processing, testing equipment, improve the enterprise management system and quality management system, and high-quality research and development and management team, thousands of employees, to provide small and medium-sized high-precision optical components and large-scale production of optical components, Optical lens, is the world's many optoelectronic enterprises preferred partner suppliers.


Foctek adhering to the "strict management, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" concept, to provide high precision optics, precision optics for customers light splitting element, polarizing optical element, laser crystal and nonlinear optical crystal components, precision optical lens and optical system solutions.


The products are widely used in precision instruments, semiconductor, micro measurement system, building surveying, nondestructive detection, medical equipment, automation equipment, laser processing equipment, automobile, military equipment, automatic optical inspection, security monitoring, road monitoring HD, mainly exported to North American and European developed countries, Japan, Korea and other regions.

Reliable quality, punctual delivery and preferential prices to be Teccor with many world-renowned enterprises to establish a good partnership, such as TRUMPF, the United States, Germany, Japan, Danach Magna Thorlab, TOPCON, Canada, Nova Measuring Chiaphua appliances Instrument Limited.

Foctek company has always focused on the quality of products and production equipment updates, has introduced the international advanced level of processing and testing equipment..
The company has a large plane grinder, CNC milling precision surface polishing machine, polishing machine, hem ring spherical high polishing machine, milling machine, CNC optical processing machine, ultrasonic cleaning line, Germany Leybold Vacuum coating machine, Japan otrans coating machine and other advanced production and processing equipment; And the Trioptics lens measurement system, Trioptics 0.5 seconds goniometer, Zygo digital laser interferometer, 3D digital measuring instrument, Lambda950 spectrophotometer, Trioptics optical transfer function measuring instrument with international advanced level of testing instruments.
At the beginning of its establishment, it has established a perfect quality management system, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO/TS16949 quality certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, in every aspect of production, is the implementation of strict quality control.
With advanced production equipment and testing instruments based on perfect quality management system to ensure product quality, elevator technology has been recognized by customers.

Technological innovation is the power source Foctek. Companies focus on scientific and technological innovation, Fujian provincial high-tech enterprises. Since the establishment, the establishment of R & D center, expert workstation and optical testing platform for public service, and Fujian Normal University to build a joint laboratory of optical technology, manufacturing technology development focus on precision optical components and complex optical design.
The company has a rich experience in optical industry management team, with senior engineers and more than 60 by the number from the University and Institute of optics, optoelectronics, laser technology experts in the technical advisory team.
After years of technical research, design and development of Foctek in optical components, optical coating technology, cold processing technology and precision optical components integration technology, high-definition optical lenses have made a breakthrough, and have a series of core intellectual property, product technical indicators continue to improve, constantly enrich the product series. Foctek is heading for sophisticated high-definition optics and optical system solutions.

"Strict management, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction," the concept of guiding our business and production. Foctek uses ERP enterprise management system to realize the information management from sales, purchasing, production, quality, logistics and finance, and implement a series of fine management measures, so that the company in the management and production of efficient operation, and quality control Traceability.
Today, Foctek is striving to create a harmonious, innovative, development and shared environment. For the staff to provide a good remuneration, to create a good living environment and rich cultural life. Complete training and learning program, a good employment mechanism, efficient work platform, so that employees have become successful, happy to grow, to achieve self.

Foctek insists on providing customers with high quality products, favorable prices and punctual delivery of customer satisfaction. It is the same dream for all of them to build a world famous brand. Foctek, the rising star of China's photoelectric industry, is like a rising sun, welcoming a brighter and brighter future.

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Copyright © 2016 Foctek Photonics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ICP:05011100