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Lens Division

Foctek lens division was established in 2012, with the international advanced level of processing and testing equipment, Fuzhou Sales Office, Shenzhen subsidiary, a subsidiary of Sanming production base.


Lens business focus on precision optical lenses, special custom-made lenses, such as R & D, production, marketing. Products have: 3MP, 5MP high-definition fixed security surveillance lens, 3MP, 5MP,8MP HD zoom security surveillance lens, 12MP HD smart traffic lens, 5MP,10MP, machine vision lens, car lens, etc.IR lens.

Department has a strong R & D capabilities, the development of the black light, star, super star, single Sensor panoramic camera, are in a leading position in the industry

The head of department not only in security monitoring, road monitoring, precision instruments, medical equipment, automation equipment, automobile and other traditional areas of progress, but also in machine vision, intelligent transportation, smart city, intelligent Home Furnishing, face recognition, UAV, AR/VR and other emerging hot areas of rapid development.


Shenzhen Foctek Mainly sell lens products, the company to Focktek - Ninghua factory production base, , The achievements of customers "as the core value proposition, aimed at creating security optical industry leader.


Companies adhering to the "safe, efficient, professional and honest business philosophy, to provide the best network simulation, high-definition camera lens products, involving MTV fixed focus series, CS series, coke machine series, CS series zoom zoom, and at the same time we also committed to the development of sales and road monitoring, machine vision, to meet the different requirements of a large number of cameras the factory, security contractors and equipment suppliers.


The company as the quality of life, and strictly do a good job every detail of the quality control, has passed the ISO9001, ISO / TS16949, ISO14001 quality management system, and the company's outstanding team of executives under the leadership of Fu Guangchang annual sales exceeded Billion, and in the industry and the growing influence of the community, has won numerous domestic and foreign customers praise, more than 10 years has been rated as Shenzhen 100 integrity brand security providers.


Sanming Foctek ------ professional lens production base relying on Ninghua Overseas Chinese Technology Development Zone, covering 100 acres, planning a total construction area of 101515.8 square meters, the total investment of 3 billion. The first phase of the construction of 48,000 square meters, has been completed, and invested 30 million of equipment, can achieve a monthly production of 5 million lenses, 800,000 lenses.


The use of imported coating machines, milling machines, milling machines, polishing machines, grinding machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, cleaning stations, testing equipment and other production lines supporting equipment and Trioptics lens measurement system, Trioptics 0.5 seconds angle gauges, AK40 digital laser interferometer , 3D digital measuring instrument, Lambda900 spectrophotometer and other detection equipment, the construction of 30 lens production line.

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