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1,the company provides safety, environmental protection, comfortable working environment, the production workshop throughout the year constant temperature of 24-26 degrees, employees with overalls, static shoes.

2, the company in accordance with the law for each employee for six insurance and a gold: pension, birth, medical, work-related injury, unemployment insurance, housing accumulation fund, insurance amount of 100 thousand yuan accident insurance (entry can apply for enjoyment).

3,the company offers free accommodation, accommodation, have independent toilet, bath room, equipped with air conditioner, desk, water heater; an in-house canteen meal provided a standard meal, three dishes and one soup, canteen sanitation, neat, equipped with air conditioning, fan.

4,Activities room: a wide range of categories, including: audio-visual room, billiards room, basketball court, table tennis room, chess room, etc..

5, to provide a competitive salary and benefits: the length of service every year a year to pay a raise, technical level to participate in technical review of salary increases, year-end awards, festivals and so on.
6,Enjoy all the holidays according to law: paid marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave, annual leave etc..

7、Other welfare: A, free of charge to and from Fuzhou Minhou factory car; B, once a year free medical examination opportunities; C, apply for department dinner funds, the company will also organize a wealth of staff activities from time to time.

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