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Precision Optics Division

         Foctek provides customers with high-precision optical components, precision optical spectroscopic components, polarization, laser crystal and nonlinear optical crystal components, precision optical lenses, high-definition security surveillance lenses, 5 megapixel machine vision lenses and optical system solutions. Products are widely used in precision instrument, semiconductor, micro measurement system, building surveying and mapping, nondestructive detection, medical equipment, automation equipment, laser processing equipment, new model of automotive, military industry equipment, automatic optical inspection, security monitoring, hd road monitoring, etc., mainly exported to North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries and regions.


         FOCtek always pay highest attention on product quality, production capacity, advanced production equipment and metrology instrument. Our advanced fabricating equipments include Spherical Milling Machines, CNC Plano Milling Machines, Precision Polishing Machines, High Speed Polishing Machine, CNC Profiling Machines, LEYBOLD Vacuum Coaters, Optorun coaters and Ultrasonic Cleaning Lines. Foctek has the most advanced metrology instruments, include ZYGO GPI Interferometers, 3D digital CMM, Trioptics OptoSpheric Lens measurement system, Trioptics Prism Master 0.5” Angle measurer, Lambda 950 Spectrophotometer. Trioptics Image Master MTF Measurer. With these advanced metrology instrument and impeccable quality assurance system, FOCtek was ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF 16949 and ISO 13485 certified with SGS 

Foctek attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation and is a "high-tech enterprise" in Fujian province. Since its establishment, it has set up a research and development center, an expert work station and a public service platform for optical product testing, and jointly established a joint laboratory of optical technology with Fujian Normal University.

With the concept of “Strict Management, Continuous Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction”, FOCtek is committed to deliver customers with Quality Products, Competitive Pricing and On-time Delivery.


Contact us: Tel: 0591 38266618

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E-mail: sales@foctek.com

Address: No.8, the 7th Road, Phase II of Minhou Tieling Industrial District, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350100 China

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